Monday, September 22, 2008

Man V.S. Wild

Ok, I am watching The show Man V.S. Wild. I am willing to bet just about everyone out there has herd of Bear Grills, I have been watching his show for the last two years. Now I have seen him rock climb and now that I am a climber I see that, that guy is a good climber, but he is an IDEOT!!! There is no reason to climb stuff like that with out gear. Know he is in the swamps of New Orleans, he is walkin around there are Cotton Mouths and gators every were, but it was very eye opening. He came across 2 or 3 shrimping boats that were moved by Katerina and dumped in the middle of the swamp. Then he came to a subdivision that was vacant, it was very eerie in the fact that people lived there, and that was someones home. For the most part I love the show, the climbing and stuff is very stupid and not worth the risk.

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