Tuesday, September 9, 2008

God is so good.

Ok. I moved to Colorado(Ok, for yall who just pronouns it just Colorado, it is pronounced like this Color-ado) and I'm not going to say I was to thrilled about it, but I moved and I didn't complain. Well the Bible says "That I will bless he who is faithful to Me." at least I think that is how it goes. Well The we are startin an other adoption, and yesterday we got P.A. (Parental Approval) and this time we are all going over to China. So that means less spendin more savin. A sport I picked up is rock climbing and it is the only sport that can come close to surfin. Well it is not that cheap, but I got a steal on a pear of "Evolve" shoes $120.00 shoes for $10.00. I got a $170.00 dollar harness for free from a friend. At this co-op we are going to I am takin a guitar class. Problem I don't have that right guitar, God intervenes. My uncle called this morning and we started to talk, he asked me what I was doin is school I said nothin different but I'm takin a guitar class. He asked if I had a guitar, I said no. He asked for my address and I asked why and he said that he is sending me one of his strats. I was speechless, and now I have a ton of money to save for Chine. God is good.

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