Monday, December 8, 2008


Two week ago I went to go see all those bands that I quoted in the title of this post. The concert was AMAZING, the first band up was this new guy B Reith. I had never heard of him but he was really good. The Second band up was the one that I payed all my money to go see, Family Force 5!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh they ROCK!!!! There all like jumpin around and screaming and headbanging and so crazy. The third band was Relient K, it was so cool to see them in concert, they are so good. It was cool to listen to them play there music and think of the time when I was like 8-9 that I watched "Emperors New Grove" with Mat. The last band was Toby Mac, we all total watch only like three-four of his songs cuz we all wanted to get Family Force 5 autographs, but because we left early into his performance we were like second group in line. It was one of the coolest concert I have ever been to.

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