Tuesday, July 8, 2008


To celebrate this I am going to let yall chose the last Twenty songs on the blogs play list. The rules are
1. No cursing
2. The song has to be one that is not on the play list
3. You can only pick 5 songs
4. Leave a comment with the name of the band(s) and songs you want
5, Enjoy my blog
The songs will be at the bottom of the play list in the order that you put them. Thanks for coming so many times yall.


robbyp03 said...
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robbyp03 said...

Skillet>Alien Youth>Eating Me Away
Skillet>Alien Youth>Earth Invasion(Come on, you have a song from Invinceable on it, this is the least you can do.)
Red>End of Silence>Breathe into Me
Red>End of Silence>Lost
Superchick>Rock What You Got>One More.

NoryLlama said...

skillet..last night..
hawk nelson..friend like that OR the Quiznos song!!!

BJ said...

pillar underneath it all

pillar smiling down

thousand foot krutch rawkfist


BJ said...

Breaking Benjamin~ blow me away
Pillar~ hypnotized
Fireflight~ unbreakable


robbyp03 said...

follow up to noryllama's comment,

last night is already on it.

BJ said...

My bad Yall I just realized that Blow me away is already on the blog, I must have over looked it on the right side.
my bad,

robbyp03 said...

Clay, Better than Drugs on the music player is not Better than Drugs. I should know, i have the CD.

freedomchaser said...

hey could you put......

3 doors down- not my time, kryptonite, american soldier